A Small Hall – Kerstin’s Monthly Newsletter

Thank you for your interest in signing up for my newsletter. Here are some quick-fire FAQs:

  • Why “A Small Hall”?

It rhymes, it’s a pun, and I’m not very good at naming things. It’s also meant to serve as a personal reminder not to ramble too extensively. Small newsletter. Small.

  • What am I getting myself in for?

Meticulous graphic design. Beautifully crafted ruminations on the nature of art. Exclusive insight into the secretive world of publishing.

In all seriousness, I see this as a monthly opportunity to share my thoughts on a particular element of writing or publishing. I’ll also opine on whatever I’m reading/watching/playing, provide sneak previews of my WIPs, and give updates on the status of my upcoming work. It will be FUN.

  • Monthly, you said?

That’s the goal. I suppose if I win an exciting award, you might receive a bonus letter? I wouldn’t count on that happening too frequently.