The Border Keeper

Publication: 16 July 2019

Beyond the desert, at the end of the abandoned railway line, lies a near-forgotten border to the land of the dead. Vasethe —a man with a troubled past and a charming smile— follows the tracks to the border keeper’s house. He would ask her permission to enter the nine hundred and ninety-nine realms of Mkalis, where gods and demons wage endless war.

But old secrets creep closer to the light, and hidden enemies watch from the shadows. When the border keeper agrees to aid Vasethe, she is unaware that their actions threaten to throw both worlds into chaos.

Available here.

“Beautifully and vividly imagined. Eerie, surreal, and lovely.” – Ann Leckie

“A labyrinth of demons, dead gods, cranky psychopomps, and broken all-too-human lives. Hall is by turns wry and lush, genuine and venomous. So can I have the next one already?”—Max Gladstone

“A singular debut with no easy answers and beauty to spare.”—Indrapramit Das