12 November 2019 — STAR EATER announced!

STAR EATER is finally official! I have been sitting on this news since… March? Publishing is an exercise in containing your excitement for excessively long periods of time. You can see the announcement here.

Tor.com Publishing is publishing my scheming lady cannibals novel! (I was tempted to go with ‘conniving cannibals’ there, but this is meant to be Serious Literature and that probably lacks the appropriate gravitas.) Yes, they definitely made that choice and I have a contract to prove it, so no take backs!

In truth, I have been working this book for so long that I honestly can’t tell if it’s good or not. I think, four years? Five years? STAR EATER on its fourth complete rewrite at this point, which I have not hahahahahaha finished yet. My editor needs a full version in ten days. I’m fine. Really, super fine. What is sleep?

This book is a departure from THE BORDER KEEPER. In a lot of regards, it’s tighter and sharper — BK allowed for me to sprawl my worldbuilding in every direction, whereas STAR EATER demanded a controlled and restrained approach. I had to be conscientious. There’s a dramatis personae and everything.

I will confidently say that it is just as weird though.

So STAR EATER is darker, it’s political, it’s about an introverted disaster of a woman, it’s about bureaucracy and the ethics of eating other people, and it’s about the costs of power. There are cute giant cats though, so if this sounds too serious, fear not! Parties! Glamour! Romance! Kitties!


I have a lot of complicated feelings about the process of writing this book, and I might unpack those in the future. For now, it’s back to the grind. I have a novel that urgently requires an ending.

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