18 January 2019 – The Crab Baby Matter

Okay, so I probably need to address the crab.

If anyone were to track my interactions with Tor.com people on Twitter, they’d probably notice a certain trend.

Exhibit A


Exhibit B


Exhibit C


Exhibit D, but ohhh there’s more.


Yes. The crab. It’s a bit weird. If I were the author of some kind of crustacean field guide, it might make more sense, but at this point I’m just rolling with it. I have a Brand, and it is Strange.

In The Border Keeper, the crab in question guides Vasethe (the protagonist) through some difficult terrain. Look he’s not even a crab, per se, but he is crab-shaped. His name is Lanesh. When I first wrote the novella, he evolved out of a truly awful pun.

Cos he’s a bureaucrab?

Yeah, that bit of whimsical wordplay was swiftly exorcised.

But Lanesh the character stuck around, and then the Tor.com team really liked him, and that’s how my Twitter filled up with all the cultish chanting about crab babies. To clarify: The Border Keeper is not, in fact, about crabs.

Well, not entirely about crabs.

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